Our down-time was less than 6 hours after Hurricane Irma destroyed and flooded our office building!

Tech in a Flash took our entire corporation and moved it to a remote location for 90 days during Hurricane Irma.

It only took them less than 6 hours to get our 9 workstations and server operational. Keep in mind there was no internet and power in the entire area. We worked off generators and they set us up with a backup internet connection that worked over the cellphone towers, how neat!

I was amazed at how seamless the transition was. Even our business partners commented on how impressed they were that we were up and running.

None of our employees lost hours of work and it could not have been done without Tech in a Flash.

Give Tech in a Flash a call, they have monitored our systems for 7 years, backup and security have never been let down.

Jennifer Getman
Gulf Coast Appliance Repair and Parts Center