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Installing Teamviewer

This is a guide to install Teamviewer Remote Support app to allow Tech in a Flash remote access to your computers.  Each image below depicts a step in the installation process.  Each action require by you is outlined or arrowed in red.

  1. Click the following link Teamviewer 12 Host this will initiate the download for Teamviewer
  2. Click the file once it is completely downloaded.  The screenshot below is showing what it looks like on Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer may ask if you want to Run, Save, or Save As.  Select ‘Run’ in that case. In Firefox you will be looking for the down arrow in the top right corner.
  3. After running the file you may get a popup asking if you want to allow Teamviewer to make changes to your computer.  Click ‘Yes’
  4. The installation should start at this point.  Click ‘Next’                                
  5. Click ‘Company / Commerical use’ and Click ‘Next’                                 
  6. Check ‘I accept’ and Click ‘Next’                                                               
  7. Wait for the installation to complete.  An icon titled ‘Teamviewer 10 Host’ should be on your desktop.
    1. If the following screen does not display you may have to double click the icon on your desktop
  8. Enter a Descriptive name in “Computer Name” so Tech in a Flash can identify your computer
    1. If this is a residential computer just enter your name.  If you multiple computers, add “laptop” “desktop” or make/model of computer.
    2. If this is a business computer enter an acronym for your business followed by a descriptive name of the computer (person using it, or job title of person using it)  XYZ: Accounting                                                               
  9. Click ‘Finish’                                                                                                 
  10. Wait for the following screen to pop up and select ‘Allow and Finish’.  Setup is now complete.